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The Demon Piece Forest Nymph blade not only looks cool, especially for fantasy fans like me, but it also comes with a neat healing ability. The obtainment method is easy, however, you do need luck on your side.

Hit a tree and see if a weapon drops in Demon Piece! Getting into the raiding scene? Take a look at our Demon Piece Sea Dragon guide to find out how to spawn the tricky raid boss.

Demon Piece Forest Nymph Blade

It’s a weapon of Unique rarity, and with that comes a very unique way of obtaining it. As of right now, it’s the only weapon in the game that falls under the Unique rarity!

How to Obtain the Forest Nymph Weapon

It sounds silly, but the only way to obtain this blade is by breaking trees across the map. You can opt for hitting a tree with a weapon of your choice if you want the slower route. Or, you can use the Tremor Devil Fruit to speed things up. Either way, trees need to be broken. You can even destroy trees while in battle accidentally, which can lead to the Forest Nymph weapon making its way into your inventory unexpectedly!

This does mean you’ll have to obtain the Tremor Fruit in the first place though, which is of Legendary rarity. Head to the Demon Fruit Shop on any of the islands to be in with a chance of finding Tremor. Expect a high Beli cost though! If you don’t know, the Demon Fruit Shop restocks intermittently throughout the day on all servers. Legendary Devil Fruit has a lower chance of appearing during a restock.

Forest Nymphs Abilities

Other than the fact that the Forest Nymph’s blade is a Unique weapon, the healing ability that comes with it is top-notch. Plus, it looks pretty cool as you wield it, which is always a bonus!

  • Mastery Level 95
    • 20% max HP replenished for yourself or a party member
  • Mastery Level 175

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