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The elusive Project Mugetsu Hogyoku item is a tough one. You’re going to need patience… and a whole lot of time. To get a Hogyoku, you have 2 methods to choose from – both aren’t great options.

Ready to start the infamous Hogyoku grind? Head to the official Roblox page! For more content on the game, read our Project Mugetsu Thomeaux Clan guide and our Project Mugetsu Quincy guide.

Project Mugetsu Hogyoku

The Hogyoku item is used to unlock certain upgrades for your character. Many players have reported that your character must be level 250 to be able to use the Hogyoku in the first place!

If you’re a Soul Reaper, a Hogyoku grants you the chance to unlock Vizard. However, if you’re an Arrancar, you have a chance to unlock your Segunda. For the latter, you also need to have the Murcielago or Los Lobos Resurreccion to obtain your Segunda – just something to keep in mind! With the Segunda and Vizard obtainment being a drop, this means that you are not guaranteed either one of them with a singular Hogyoku.

How to Obtain a Hogyoku

There are 2 ways to obtain a Hogyoku. The first method is to find it across a range of locations by chance. The item can appear in Wandenreich, Karakura Town, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo.

If you don’t want to consistently visit these locations across multiple servers, you can always purchase the Hogyoku Notifier gamepass in-game. The Notifier sends you an alert when a Hogyoku has spawned. This does cost 3.75K Robux though, which is pretty pricy. I would personally commit to the grind of scouring the areas yourself!

The second method is to grind Ranked matches and hope that a Hogyoku drops! The Hogyoku Notifier gamepass does increase the drop rate by 2x, but I would still say it’s not worth it. Overall, it’s a huge time sink, and with that comes the stress of Ranked battles too.

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