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Ready for an upgrade? This Demon Piece Scroll Locations Guide tells you each location for the lost scrolls from Alphirex’s quest for obtaining Armament Haki.

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Demon Piece Scroll Locations Guide

If you’ve stumbled here without knowing much about Scrolls, then let me be the first to introduce them. Located in the Jungle (Level 60-100), there’s a hidden NPC behind an invisible wall on a cliff called Alphirex. The invisible wall appears discoloured, a much darker grey than the surrounding rock.

Alphirex tasks you with finding a Scroll, which is important as otherwise, you won’t be able to learn the impressive Armament Haki technique. We have a guide covering Haki linked above, but for a quick brief for those not clued in on One Piece lore, Armament Haki is a strengthening ability.

When you learn Haki, you’ll be assigned a random colour to represent it. Armament Haki also enjoys a few levels of progress to heighten your combat strength:

  • First Level – +5% DMG
  • Second Level – +10% DMG
  • Third Level – +15% DMG
  • Fourth Level – +25% DMG
  • Fifth Level – +35% DMG

All Scroll Locations

Right, onto the possible locations! You only need to find one Scroll, however, it has a few potential spawn locations so you may need to travel around a bit. Thankfully, this quest isn’t time-sensitive. Once you’ve collected the scroll, head back to Alphirex and hand it over.

  • First location: Beside the Dojo Teacher NPC located at the Jungle
  • Second location: On top of one of the large blue buildings in Shells Town
  • Third location: On top of the wooden tower at Orange Town
  • Fourth location: Hidden on the second floor outside of the Baratie Sea Restaurant ship
  • Fifth location: Inside the cave at Windmill Village beside the Bandit Leader miniboss

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