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By admin Apr27,2024

I never thought I’d be writing a guide for a game called Toilet RNG codes, but here we are! It’s not what you expect either, as it is about toilets, but not just any toilet.

Visit the official Toilet RNG page to learn more about the game. Want some recommendations on new Roblox games to play? Check out our Hades RNG Rarest Auras list, our World of Aincrad Drops guide (a game based on Sword Art Online!), and our Anime Champions Simulator Cosmic Summon guide.

Toilet RNG Codes

Toilet RNG is indeed about toilets, but not your typical lavatory. If you’ve been keeping up with internet trends, you’ll have heard about Skibidi Toilets on the grapevine at least. Despite it not being in the game’s name, Toilet RNG is based on the Skibidi franchise!

Active Toilet RNG Codes

Don’t flush these codes away, as you’ll be wanting the rewards for your Skibidi adventures! It seems like Toilet RNG codes don’t expire too quickly, so even the older codes are still active at this time. Still, you should redeem them next time you log in, just in case!

  • 300likes
  • 100kvisits
  • KeonRoot
  • DigitizedPixels
  • joey
  • 100likes
  • 80kvisits
  • justrng

How to Redeem the Codes

screenshot of the code redemption box in toilet rng, with a text box that has gamezebo written inside and a green redeem button next to it, there is text above the box that says '500 likes equals new code'

To redeem codes in Toilet RNG, you need to click the blue ‘Codes’ button on the right side of the screen – it has a drawing of a text box with ‘ABX’ written inside! A pop-up window appears, with an empty text box and a green button that says ‘Redeem’. If the code you entered is still active, the word ‘Submitted!’ will appear in the text box, which means you’ve successfully collected your rewards! If it doesn’t work, then it’ll say ‘Invalid’.

There’s also a prompt that lets you know when to expect the next code! This usually entails specific milestones for the game, such as a certain amount of likes or visits. At this current time, the next code is due to come out once the game reaches 500 likes.

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