Ready to Climb? Pre-register for LEGO Hill Climb Adventures!

By admin Apr26,2024

Fingersoft’s LEGO Hill Climb Adventures combines the crazy physics-based fun of the Hill Climb Racing series! It’s got the endless possibilities of LEGO bricks and is finally available for pre-registration.

You can make your own LEGO ride, beat challenging routes in Climb Canyon, and meet funny LEGO characters along the way. It will be a tremendous single-player journey for racers and explorers.

The game takes the standard racing fun of Hill Climb Racing and adds the level of open-world exploration and storytelling that LEGO is known for. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Meet The Minifigures

The LEGO world is a whole of unique people, and LEGO Hill Climb Adventures brings those people to life with a cast of colorful minifigures. You will follow these characters on tasks and quests, which gives the game more depth.

You can also change how your ride looks and works. Additionally, players can pick from many cars, such as famous Hill-Climb Racing machines and fantastic LEGO creations. Once you’ve found the right wheels, you can change them and make your ride the best climbing machine ever.

Secrets Around Every Corner

The levels aren’t just race tracks. The developers packed landscapes full of secret paths and treasures waiting to be found. As you play through Climb Canyon, look for hidden paths and extra prizes.

Power-ups are essential to any driving game, and LEGO Hill Climb Adventures has many of them. As you go through the levels, collect coins and bricks to unlock tools to help you get ahead. Try out different sets to find the best one for each task.

Sign up early for LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, coming soon to Google Play and the App Store!

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By admin

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