Help Six And Mono Escape The Oletus Manor In The Identity V x Little Nightmares Crossover

By admin Apr26,2024

A spooky crossover has just dropped. The Identity V x Little Nightmares event runs till May 23rd. And it’s going to drag Six and Mono from Little Nightmares right into the eerie world of Identity V. These two kids are about to find themselves in a whole new nightmare, and you can snag their classic looks while you’re at it.

What’s Up For Grabs During The Identity V x Little Nightmares Crossover?

From April 25th to May 23rd, 2024, you can grab the ‘Mono’ A-tier costume for Axe Boy by taking part in the event. On the other hand, you can snag Little Girl’s A-tier costume called ‘Six’ from the store. You also have the chance to grab goodies, like the Six and Mono Portraits, to hang in your virtual locker.

In the Identity V x Little Nightmares Crossover, Six and Mono are stepping into the Oletus Manor’s eerie halls. But they must escape it before it’s too late. One thing is for sure. This crossover event is merging two creepy narratives into one. Now, it’s on you to dodge all sorts of creepy creatures.

Ever Played These Games?

In Identity V, it’s all about survival as four players try to outsmart the fifth, who’s playing as the Hunter. Developed and published by NetEase, it first launched in July 2018. It is a mobile asymmetric survival horror game.

Little Nightmares is basically a spooky version of your regular hide-and-seek. Created by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, it dropped in April 2017. In this puzzle-platformer horror adventure, you navigate Six, a young girl, through a mysterious, monstrous vessel. This vessel is called the Maw and is filled with grotesque creatures and perilous secrets. Instead of Six, you help Mono in the sequel escape Pale City.

Ready to dive into this spine-chilling crossover? Head over to the Google Play Store and snag Identity V to join in on the eerie event.

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