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Ready to take down some of the baddest bosses that the seas of Demon Piece has to offer? Demon Piece raids put you to the test, and give some pretty impressive loot if you succeed. Want to know all about it? Read on.

Want to play Demon Piece? You’ll find it on Roblox. We’ve also got a Demon Piece materials guide.

Demon Piece Raids Guide

We’ll run over each of the Raids in detail below.

Smoke Admiral Raid

An easy one to start. Well, easy is relative.

How To Find The Smoke Admiral

You find the Smoke Admiral in Logue Town, an island Northeast of Windmill Village. He spawns in the large main square once every 40 minutes.

Fighting Smoke Admiral

The Smoke Admiral has 7500HP. He attacks with Smoke Fruit, inspired attacks and melee, and can summon marines to assist him in a fight.

Smoke Admiral Drops

Smoke Admiral can drop the following items.

  • Gunpowder
  • Hard Glass
  • White Plume Essence
  • Orbs
  • Demon Fruit
  • Jitte
  • Smoke Admiral’s Cape

Sea Dragon Raid

This monstrous sea beast is a bigger challenge.

How To Find The Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon spawns in The Forbidden Sea, which is any sea area beyond the borders of the mapped game area. Keep sailing long enough in any direction to reach it.

Once there, the Sea Dragon has a chance to spawn every minute that passes, assuming the boss isn’t on cooldown. The chance of spawning depends on your Bounty level, and the combined Bounty level of your whole group. You need to be on a ship for the Sea Dragon to spawn.

Fighting The Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon’s HP depends on the number of players fighting it. It has 110,000 for a solo run.

The creature attacks with lightning strikes and bite moves, and can deploy a lightning AOE at lower levels of health.

Sea Dragon Drops

The Sea Dragon can drop the following materials.

  • Abyssal Gauntlets
  • Demon Fruit (Uncommon)
  • Dragon’s Heartstone
  • Giant Bone
  • Micro Chip
  • Orb Items
  • Poseidon’s Regalia
  • Tidebreaker

Kuma Raid

Fighting this boss might be unBEARable.

How To Find Kuma

You can find Kuma inside the laboratory in Abandoned Territory. To begin the fight you need to find or buy one Micro Chip and place it into the console overlooking Kuma’s arena at the back of the lab.

Fighting Kuma

Kuma has a very large health pool of 275,000 and hits extremely hard, with both melee and ranged abilities. A group of fighters is recommended, both to get the damage and to give you some breathing space from Kuma’s aggro.

Kuma Drops

Kuma can drop the following items.

  • Bear Hat
  • Cyborg Glasses
  • Demon Fruit (Rare)
  • Giant Bone
  • Holy Book
  • Orbs

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