Demon Piece Accessories Tier List

By admin Apr26,2024
Feature image for our Demon Piece Accessories tier list. It shows the demon fruit shop keeper, with a gun in his top hat.

Ready to put on your pirate-ing outfit? There are many items to wear in Demon Piece, and they’re not all the same. Some give some pretty spectacular bonuses to your stats. Others? Not so much. Thankfully, our Demon Piece Accessories tier list puts all the fashion in its place.

Want to play? Demon Piece is ready to play on Roblox. Want some info on the player races? Our Legacy Piece Race tier list might help.

Demon Piece Accessories Tier List

Here are the rankings. Our tier list runs from S-Tier, the highest quality accessories the game has to offer, all the way down to D-Tier which can go straight in the bin.


The best and most sought-after stuff in the game. Worth the effort it takes to get hold of it… and it’s sometimes a lot of effort.

  • Abyssal Gauntlets
  • Bear Hat
  • Cyborg Glasses
  • Poseidon’s Regalia
  • Straw Hat
  • Tomoe Drums


Very good and extremely helpful.

  • Captain’s Helmet
  • Desert King’s Cape
  • Dragon Tooth Necklace
  • Fishman’s Belt
  • Skyfarer’s Hat
  • Smoke Admiral’s Cape


Alright. There are a few half-decent stat boosts.

  • Barrel Helm
  • Hawk Hat
  • Jungle Crown
  • Morgan’s Jaw
  • Orange Cape
  • Sun-Gazer Glasses
  • Warrior Helmet


Useful, though the bonuses are nothing remotely special. You might use them if you don’t have anything better.

  • Athlete Headband
  • Eyepatch
  • Marine Hat
  • Reiner’s Scarf
  • Runner Headband
  • Warrior Headband


Not useful at all.

  • Good news! There are no D-Tier accessories at the moment.

Disagree? Tier lists are pretty subjective, and there might be some that don’t work for our build plans that work out great for you. Don’t let a tier rank put you off something that suits your strat, rock it proudly.

Not to mention, if you just like something for how it looks then keep on wearing it. Fashion trumps absolutely everything.

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