Aether Gazer Night Parade Of The Beasts Event Drops With New S-Grade Modifier

By admin Apr23,2024

Aether Gazer, the action-packed RPG by Yostar Games, has just dropped its latest update, the Night Parade of the Beasts event. With that, Chapter 16 of the epic tale is hitting the scene and getting added to the main storyline. The event is running for a week only, so let’s give you a quick lowdown on Aether Gazer Night Parade of the Beasts event!

What’s In Store In The Night Parade Of The Beasts?

A swarm of ferocious beasts is charging toward the lower capital district. Tons of mini-events are happening like Imago Nightmare, Let’s Make Mooncakes and Whisper in the Woods. You can snag some awesome limited-time goodies by participating in these events.

The list of goodies is quite awesome! It includes a new Name Card ‘Barren Flowers,’ festive Mid-Autumn Festival-themed furniture and new Stickers labeled ‘Rogue Vigilante.’ Want to take a look at the Aether Gazer Night Parade of the Beasts event? Here it is!

Snag The New Units And Goodies!

There’s also a new S-Grade Modifier, So-ei – Kuramitsuha. This rogue vigilante from Sasanami’s Shimogyou District packs a mean ice punch, despite her aversion to the cold. With chilling attacks and buffs, Kuramitsuha is an excellent support Modifier.

You can snag the slick new ‘Rock Star’ outfit for Kuramitsuha in the store. You also get some special Outfit Vouchers which you can use to deck out your Modifiers in style. Apart from these, get three fresh Ultimate Skillchains. There’s ‘Frozen Thunder’ that features the dynamic duo of So-ei – Kuramitsuha & Shinri – Tsukuyomi.

The Flaneuring Shop is rolling out a new furniture set called ‘School Days,’ along with an exclusive piece for Kuramitsuha called the ‘Shōgi Expert.’ The Night Parade of the Beasts event is also dropping two new Sigils to amp up your combat and three new functors to supercharge your Modifiers’ damage output.

So, go ahead and get your hands on the event! Grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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