Zenless Zone Zero CBT3: What Surprised Testers The Most?

By admin Apr20,2024

Zenless Zone Zero CBT3 testers got a taste of new features! It began yesterday and shocked players; here’s why! You can team up for weekly boss challenges or choose your favorite character with a new guaranteed pull system.

Additionally, the story mode offers adjustable difficulty, and the Bangboo banner is now easier to access. Speedrun fans will love the fast-forward option, while revamped commissions let you pick your playstyle. A mysterious new mode and more challenging story difficulty add intrigue for endgame players. Testers say the combat is rewarding to learn, and the exchange system is refreshingly honest.

The Pity System Gets Player-Friendly

The gacha system has received a makeover, with a guaranteed standard 5-star character of your choice after 300 pulls. This is similar to the system in Honkai Star Rail, offering more control over building your dream team. No more feeling like you’re chasing rainbows – you’ll eventually snag that powerful character you’ve been eyeing.

Goodbye Grind, Hello Bangboo!

The Bangboo banner, previously requiring premium currency, appears to be shifting gears in Zenless Zone Zero CBT3. Testers report that acquiring Bangboo is possible without dipping into your precious stash of premium resources. This allows more players to snag this coveted character, expanding their strategic options.

Double Time, Double Trouble: The Rise of Fast-Forward

ZZZ’s new 2x speed option in TV mode lets you fly through familiar areas. Chapter 1 completion times are reportedly plummeting, with testers shaving minutes off their runs. However, those yearning for an entirely skippable cinematic experience might be left wanting, as some cutscenes still need to be included.

Commissions got a makeover in the latest changes. Now, you can choose between combat and puzzle-focused commissions in TV mode. This lets you tailor your gameplay experience and hone your skills in specific areas. 

A Mysterious New Mode

A new, yet-to-be-unlocked mode has piqued testers’ curiosity. Hints suggest it might be a defense-oriented challenge, but details remain secrecy. This adds another layer of intrigue to the ZZZ experience, leaving players eager to discover what awaits them.

Story Mode Gets Tougher

ZZZ’s story mode offers a hardcore difficulty option for those seeking a steeper challenge. This throws you headfirst into combat encounters, eliminating the TV mode sections.

While the hardcore difficulty sounds intimidating, testers report it’s not an insurmountable wall. Early levels seem manageable, with only one encounter pushing the limits. However, dodging is paramount, as bosses and elite enemies hit hard.

ZZZ’s combat system has a unique flow that testers describe as initially confusing, eventually clicking into place. The key lies in aggressive tactics to trigger chain attacks, maximizing your damage output. Playing too passively might hinder your progress, so feel free to get in the thick of things!

Transparent Exchange System

Zenless Zone Zero CBT3 exchange system features seem refreshingly honest, which is a refreshing change from other gacha games. Unlike systems with misleading discounts, ZZZ presents clear options—a discounted bundle and a full-price version using the same currency. This straightforward approach is a welcome addition for players seeking a fair and transparent experience.

To keep track of all the updates, look at their official website!

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