Legacy Piece Mastery Levelling Guide

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This Legacy Piece Mastery Levelling Guide tells you the importance of a Mastery. Including how to level one up in the simplest, quickest way.

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Legacy Piece Mastery Levelling Guide

Regardless of which fighting style you prefer, levelling up your mastery is key to unlocking stronger move sets to utilize in combat. The most common mastery players want to level is fruit. However, the method I’m about to share works great for every type of mastery route.

You can track your current Mastery level by equipping your combat of choice and checking the bottom right corner of the game screen. Here it will display the move sets included with your combat, Mastery levels needed to unlock more, and current level of Mastery. Mastery EXP is awarded every time an enemy is defeated using your combat of choice.

Best Mastery Levelling

First, you’ll want to head to Shells Town (Level 25-40). The reason for this location is that enemies tend to spawn in a set area, making it easy to round them up and keep them aggro on you. Now, using the combat method you wish to Master (Fruit, Weapon, Fist, Electro, Black Leg, 1 SS), round up enemies by targeting them and running around.

When you have a few enemies overlapping as they run for you, perform a ranged attack to strike all simultaneously. This will help you kill them faster and gain Mastery EXP quicker than if you killed enemies solo.

Top Tip: To earn more Mastery EXP, complete quests and story missions which require combat. Quests will offer more EXP per completion.

Current Mastery Routes In Legacy Piece

This section is a list of all Mastery routes currently available in Legacy Piece. Depending on your preferred playstyle will dictate which combat route you begin to Master on your journey. If you swap a current fighting style for a new one, your progress will save for that mastery. The exception to this is fruits and weapons since they have unique properties and move sets.

  • Fist Fighting Style
  • Weapon Style
  • 1 Sword Style
  • Black Leg Style
  • Electro Style
  • Devil Fruit Style

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