Monster Hunter Stories-Style Game Dragon Age: Pals Adventure Opens Pre-Registrations

By admin Apr20,2024

Dragon Age: Pals Adventure is opening up for pre-registration today on mobile. This card-hunting title is hitting Android devices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Developed and published by Pixel Spirits, it currently supports English, Simplified Chinese and Thai languages.

Step Into The Wilds!

Dragon Age: Pals Adventure has epic quests and of course, dragons. The game is set in a world called the Eden. Basically, it zaps you back to the days when dinosaurs ruled and mammoths roamed free. In this primordial playground, you’ll join forces with ancient inhabitants and capture some truly powerful rare creatures and embark on a hunting spree.

The arena’s ready for some prehistoric action where you’ll face a variety of mythical pets. You can also explore massive open-world maps teeming with treasures. But don’t get too lost because danger is always lurking!

If you’re the building type, create your very own island oasis and make it the envy of other players. Rally your tribe and show everyone your skills and quick moves. Who knows, it may even make you the king of the tribal hill of Dragon Age: Pals Adventure!

Awesome Gifts Are Up For Grabs!

They’re dishing out three awesome launch gifts to boost your start on the Eden continent. On your first login, snag the Rampage Dragon, an SSR dinosaur. If you’re all about wielding power, grab the Hunter’s Bone Blade artefact just by logging in.

Last but not least, you also get to take home 100 golden eggs and a whopping 1,888 Chroma shells in a gift pack. Dragon Age: Pals Adventure is a grand hunting quest with thousands of years’ worth of prehistoric fun. Head to the Google Play Store to pre-register for the game.

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