Legacy Piece Accessories Tier List

By admin Apr20,2024
Feautre image for our Legacy Piece Accessories tier list. It shows a fishman player character in the Foosha Island shop.

Want to be the best-dressed pirate on the high seas? Well, it’s all about the equipment bonuses! Our Legacy Piece Accessories tier list ranks the game’s hats, clothes, and glasses on how much they bring to your build… how they add to your drip is more a matter of personal taste.

Want to play? Legacy Piece is out now on Roblox. Want some info on the player races? Our Legacy Piece Race tier list might help.

Legacy Piece Accessories Tier List

It’s called fashion. Below are the rankings themselves, running from best to worst. Keep in mind these are ranked based on the bonuses you can get, so the best accessories will get the best rankings, even if the bonus’ value may diminish as you level.


The best stuff to wear. Great bonuses that make them a vital part of your wardrobe.


Really good stat boosts.


Okay, though nothing crazy, still worth using.


Bonuses tend to be pretty situational and not super useful, or are generally underpowered.

  • There are no C-Tier accessories at the moment.


No practical use at all. It’s pretty much a cosmetic at this point.

  • Good news! There are no D-Tier accessories at the moment.

About Our Tiers

If the list above has you scratching your head, don’t worry. We can explain. The tier list ranks things from S, the highest tier and best items, to D, the ones that make us shake our heads in disappointment. We’ve defined the tiers in a bit more detail below.

  • S Tier: Amazing stat bonuses whether it’s early game, mid-game, or late game.
  • A Tier: Really good stats, definitely worth having, if not quite as great as S-Tier.
  • B Tier: Good for early to mid-game, or if you don’t have anything else that’s better yet. Still helpful.
  • C Tier: These may have weak bonuses, or ones that are too specific to situations to really be worth the slot.
  • D Tier: These have pretty much not practical use at all.

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