Comedy RPG ‘Athenian Rhapsody’ From Solo Developer Nico Papalia and Top Hat Studios Hits Mobile, Consoles, and PC on May 14th – TouchArcade

By admin Apr16,2024

Top Hat Studios just announced that it is bringing solo developer Nico Papalia’s comedy RPG Athenian Rhapsody to mobile, PC, and consoles on May 14th. A game coming to mobile alongside other platforms is always good, but the premise and genre description for this one made me very curious. Athenian Rhapsody is clearly inspired by games like Earthbound and Undertale, but the bit of info about sharing your journey online with others and the gameplay mechanics included are most interesting. Top Hat Studios mentions that Athenian Rhapsody is a “souls-like platonic dating simulator with Cooking Mama and WarioWare style battle mechanics” that is also a “choose-your-own-adventure action RPG with the ability to trade ENTIRE PLAYTHROUGHS between friends”. This game will basically have you writing your own “Rhapsody” as an individualized story that can be shared with other players. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

Athenian Rhapsody is set in Athens and features 16 potential unique companions, mini-games, “Souls-like dating”, different endings, and more. The mini-games include spelling your own name, copying circus mimes, and paying your taxes according the game page. The trailer and screenshots look very busy and colorful, and honestly I’m very curious to see what “Souls-like dating” mechanics are in Athenian Rhapsody. Athenian Rhapsody launches on May 14th for iOS, Android, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms including Steam. It isn’t up for pre-order or pre-registration on mobile yet, but you can wishlist and check out Athenian Rhapsody on Steam here, Switch here, PlayStation here, and Xbox here ahead of its May 14th launch. What do you think of Athenian Rhapsody so far?

By admin

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