‘Card Thief’ Developer’s Wild West Tactical Roguelike Shooter ‘GUNCHO’ Launching on Mobile and PC June 25th – TouchArcade

By admin Apr16,2024

I guess we haven’t been paying very good attention lately, but our old pal Arnold Rauers aka Tinytouchtales has been working on a new game for a while now, and over the weekend he announced when we’ll be able to get our hands on it. The game is titled GUNCHO, and it’s described as “a single player turn based tactical wild west shooter-roguelike.” It’s funny because watching this trailer, I’m thinking to myself how this is something that feels very unlike Tinytouchtales’s usual fare, but simultaneously it feels exactly like a Tinytouchtales type of game. I think the Wild West theme is what’s throwing me off the most, but I also love it. Check out the trailer for GUNCHO.

As you can see, this takes place on a hexagonal playfield, and the mechanics are built around positioning as well as the slots in your revolver’s cylinder. Expectedly this will open up all sorts of tactical decision making as you play through randomly generated scenarios, and additionally environmental elements will come into play to either help or hinder your strategy for taking out enemies. After each level you’ll get to choose a new upgrade or ability, and you’ll get to ride a donkey! If that’s not motivation for beating a level I don’t know what is. As announced over the weekend, GUNCHO will be launching on mobile and PC on June 25th. In the meantime you can Wishlist that PC version over on Steam, play an early version in your browser over on Itch.io, or check out the mobile beta over on the game’s official website.

By admin

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