The best dog friendly hotels in the UK for a ‘pawfect’ stay

By admin Apr14,2024

Discover the best hotels for dogs (and their human companions)

If you’re looking to book a dog friendly hotel then you’re in the right place. I’ve reviewed more than 250 luxury hotels for and across the hotel sector dogs are no longer a tolerated afterthought, but a treasured guest with their own dog menus, meals and tasty snacks, plus cosy dog beds and towels and a dog treat or two.

Pic credit: Hand Picked Hotels

With 70 per cent of dog owners saying that they take their dogs with them on holiday, and a boom in dog ownership post Covid, it makes a great deal of business sense for hotels to offer dog friendly stays, particularly as it’s not as easy to travel abroad with your dog as before. So read on to find the best dog friendly hotel near you – there’s a lot to choose from!