Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide

By admin Apr10,2024
The image shows my avatar who wears white robes stood inside a fountain. Behind her is an ongoing battle between a player and a boss. To the left is an insert of ranked pvp drops including the Hogyoku Fragment

Since you can’t just glue Hogyoku Fragments together to make a True Hogyoku, I’ve created this Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide to tell you what this item does, and how to get it!

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox to get started on the Hogyoku grind! For more Hogyoku information, check out my Type Soul Hogyoku Fragment Guide, and our Peroxide Impure Hogyoku Guide.

Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide

Despite the name, the True Hogyoku isn’t crafted from fusing Hogyoku Fragments. Rather, this Mytical rarity item is a complete standalone with a different function. Identified by its deep purple colour, this orb-like item has an in-game description which reads:

…The ability to read the hearts of those around it…and realise their deepest desires.

This indication hints towards the True Hogyoku’s ability. Which is to upgrade Vastocar, Vizard and Letz Stil users into True Vastocar, True Vizard and True Letz Stil. As expected, this pushes each of these factions to their absolute peak, making them truly formidable.

How To Get The True Hogyoku

The True Hogyoku enjoys a slim 0.05% drop rate. If you thought the Hogyoku Fragments were harsh, this is lethal. You can get your hands on the True Hogyoku in a few ways:

  • Ranked Matches – This may be the easiest option if you’re decent at PvP. The drop rate hasn’t increased. However, matches are much shorter than the other options allowing you to grind them more effectively. To participate in Ranked Matches you need to be Special Grade 1 or higher.
  • Raids – From Karakura Town Raids to Hueco Mundo, Raids of any kind have the chance to give excellent rewards if completed successfully. What’s nice about this method is you don’t have to do all the work since you’ll have teammates!
  • Clan Wars – First, join a Clan! Similar to Raids, a successful Clan War match has the chance to drop a True Hogyoku. Joining a Clan is the hard part, well, that and winning the Clan Wars.
  • Trading – The true easiest way would be to trade for it. However, expect to offer a lump sum.

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