Helldivers 2’s rewards system is getting an overhaul so your Major Order medals show up on time

By admin Apr10,2024

Helldivers 2‘s Major Orders reward system is getting a full overhaul, following player complaints about their hard-earned medals being slow to arrive and as such, damaging their faith in managed democracy, with potentially dire consequences for their ability to massacre spiky robots and large insects.

As spotted by Gamesradar, Arrowhead’s community manager Twinbeard has picked up on a few of those complaints via the Helldivers 2 Discord, agreeing that the system has “been very slow or working on and off rather, for a long time.” After some back-and-forth, Twinbeard made a statement promising a proper rework. Please perform a salute in the direction of Super Earth before reading the below – assuming you aren’t, in fact, flying around the solar system right now in your very own Destroyer, I guess that means saluting at the ground?

“For those of you asking about outstanding medals: Medals for two of the latest three major orders have now been shipped,” Twinbeard wrote. “The last remaining batch will roll out in 16 hours (if Hammertime does its thing; if not, 11.00 AM CET April 10th). We will also do an overhaul in the future of the system handling these requests, as it’s frankly about as reliable as a solar-powered watch in Malevelon Creek.”

As Twinbeard commented elsewhere in the thread, this is a backend overhaul – it probably won’t lead to any changes in terms of the medals and rewards themselves. It’ll just mean your rewards for completing Major Orders show up when they’re supposed to.

If you’re sitting there all sad and medal-less right now, you can try reloading the game, but this isn’t a guaranteed fix. Twinbeard didn’t give a date for the overhaul, commenting only that it might arrive “before Thursday or not I don’t know.”

Helldivers 2 recently celebrated the apparent total destruction of the game’s Automaton faction, only for Arrowhead/Super Earth/gamemaster Joel to reveal that they had merely terminated an advance faction of the perfidious claptraps. The bots are currently mounting an invasion of Cyberstan and five other planets – better bring your explosive crossbow. The whole scenario reminds me of Quintin’s (RPS in peace) old feature about that one time a technical issue allowed for the full annihilation of one of Planetside’s three factions.

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