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Not sure if the Type Soul Theatre Bankai packs a punch? Well, spoiler alert, it certainly does. You can find the abilities for the Shikai and Bankai variants of Theatre in this guide! So, will you be wielding Shunsui’s power?

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Type Soul Theatre

If you’ve watched Bleach, you may know that the Theatre Bankai and Shikai are based on Shunsui Kyoraku from the franchise! This makes it a popular Bankai, as it allows you to have your very own Shunsui build in-game. You even go for the full look by obtaining Shunsui’s Kimono as a Soul Reaper.

What is Theatre?

It’s a Bankai (and a Shikai)! But, it’s also a Legendary, making it incredibly rare to obtain. Legendary items and skills in Type Soul tend to hover around the 3% drop rate chance mark, so good luck.

Theatre Abilities

  • Iro Oni
    • This move manages to counter enemy attacks whilst also ragdolling them, buying you some extra time in battle
  • Wraith
    • Your opponent cannot block this attack, but they can parry it
    • Teleport forward and slash down on your enemy
  • Kageoni
    • Your opponent can dodge this attack
    • Summon a shadow portal on the ground and teleport to the location behind your enemy, then strike and knock them back – also ragdolls!

Activating the Bankai gives you a couple of new blades to sport, including a powerful critical attack. The Bankai abilities are as follows:

  • Plague
    • A DMG over time AoE attack, stunning all enemies within the area
    • Deals Bleeding DMG
  • Final Play
    • Gives you hyper armor, whilst also ragdolling opponents within the AoE attack
    • Cannot be blocked

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