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It’s been a while since I covered any Sols RNG, and I noticed that The Altar is causing some… Altarcations. (Sorry), anyway, my How To Unlock The Altar In Sols RNG guide is here to help you do just that.

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How To Unlock The Altar In Sols RNG

The Alter is part of a whole new questline added within Era 6 of Sols RNG. During this Easter event, you have to begin by chatting to the Lime NPC who is sitting on a bench just behind the spawn platform. She will first tell you about a small egg hunt where you must find 15 eggs. After this easy hunt, you’ll move on to quest 2 from Lime which has a more in-depth approach.

The quest calls for you to roll for a new limited aura, the 1 in 20 million Bounded: Unbounded [MUTATED]… Good luck. As someone whose highest aura is the original Bounded at 1 in 200,000, this is quite the stretch.

Locating the Alter – Unlocking The Altar

Let’s take a step back. Whilst auto rolling hoping for the Bounded: Unbounded, head inside the cave where you find the Stella NPC. You get into the cave by parkouring across the treelines and entering via the waterfall. Within the cave, complete the pillar parkour and slip between the faux wall to enter the Altar room. Here is a platform where you can stand with the Bounded: Unbounded equipped and repeat the words carved into the Altar in the chatbox.

Once you’ve chanted the scribe back the Altar, head outside the cave and complete the island obby where the luck booster is located. This is the one where the giant tree obscures one of the obby routes. Don’t head into the centre just yet, you need to wait for your aura to strike the central luck booster until it turns from green to purple. When the star turns purple, head back to spawn and talk to Lime to complete Quest 2. The egg will descend from the sky and you can collect it!

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