Helldivers 2’s bots have been, er, “eradicated” by players, despite a wave of mission-concluding crashes that should be fixed “very soon”

By admin Apr8,2024

Good news, Helldivers 2 players have apparently managed to, er, totally eradicate the galaxy’s supply of angry automatons by completing that game’s latest major order. Are they actually gone forever? Who knows, but I can tell you that a fresh hotfix is incoming to rectify some crashes that’ve been affecting the late stages of operations.

Yup, even though they’re yet to get their hands on any of the fresh ordinance coming as part of the new Democratic Detonation Warbond that’ll be available from April 11 onwards, they’ve done a thing. Though, the Terminids have immediately stepped in as the latest threat to fight, so it’s not like things are totally chill on the space front.

“You did it, Helldivers. Operation Swift Disassembly was a success! With the bots eradicated and bugs contained, the galaxy is free once more,” an entirely non-suspicious tweet from Arrowhead declared following the completion of the major order to liberate Maia, Tibit and Durgen. While the mission was explicitly framed as an “all-out push” to destroy the automatons, folks have naturally been pretty suspicious that, you know, that’d actually come to fruition.

So, while a fresh major order – to liberate Hellmire, Estanu and Crimsica from the bugs so that new E-710 farms can be constructed – was quickly issued, there’s a feeling among players that space is just a little bit too quiet right now. After all, with over 70,000 players already making significant progress on Crimsica as of writing, it probably won’t be long until the Terminids are also left reeling.

So, which nefarious force will be next on the docket is the big question. First of all, there’s probably a great chance we’ll see the Automatons return in some form at some point, given all the fun that’s already been had battling them. Though, if they’re gonna be away for a little while, The Illuminate from the first Helldivers game seem to be what all the teases have been pointing towards as the force that could be in line to fill up at least some of the free space in, er, space.

Will they? We’ll have to see but in the meantime, Arrowhead has revealed it’s working to eliminate something else players have been battling. “I just briefly want to say that we’re aware of the crashes primarily surrounding extraction/end of mission that currently a lot of you are facing,” a community manager with the handle Twinbeard has written on the game’s Discord server, “There’s a hotfix arriving very soon that we hope will mitigate this.

“We should have written a post about this here sooner, but for several reasons we were under-communicative this time. Sorry about that.”

So, there you go, hopefully this next update doesn’t add in any more planetary hazards.

By admin

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