Ahead of the Fallout TV Show, you can already rock some stylish gear from it in Fallout 4, thanks to a mod

By admin Apr8,2024

The Fallout TV Show drops on Amazon Prime later this week, and if you’re replaying Fallout 4 while you wait for April 11 to arrive, a new mod definitely looks like it’s worth grabbing. It’s one for all the merch freaks out there, as it adds a backpack to the game that’s the spitting image of the one the show’s vault dweller, Lucy, has been shown wearing as she traverses the wastes.

Yup, we’ve already had fan films adding a new concluding scene to the Sole Survivor’s adventure this month, and now they’ve been gifted a fresh way of showing they’re keeping up with the trends, as they lug ten million bits of scrap around The Commonwealth. To be fair, they did lose their spouse and all that, so they probably deserve all of this nice stuff.

In case you’re wondering what ‘Lucy’s Vault-Tec Backpack‘ by QwibQwibMods is based on, I’ll direct you to some of the promo screens for Amazon’s Fallout TV Show, which feature the protagonist, Lucy (Ella Purnell), rocking a nice rucksack that matches her classic blue and yellow vault suit. The mod, as you’d imagine, adds a bag inspired by it to Fallout 4, so you can twin with your new Californian vault bezzie.

Found in the very conveninent location of a blue pod building that’s right outside of Vault 111 – you know, where you kick off the game after stepping out of the freezer, the pack adds 25 to your carry weight stat in its default form, making it on par with the base versions of the Creation Club’s Modular military backpack and most of the other non-OP backpack mods out there. That said, it’s also upgradeable via the Armour Workbench, so, if you fancy, you can up the amount of extra gear it’ll allow you to carry around like the wasteland pack rat you are.

To complete the look, you can even combine it with the attire from ‘Vault 33 Jumpsuit – Fallout TV Show‘, by the Commonwealth Story Expansion Project’s modding team, which, as you might expect, brings Lucy’s vault suit to Fallout 4. On the other hand, if you like the TV Show pack’s design, but prefer to play as a character that wouldn’t be seen dead wearing Vault-Tec’s colours, the mod also includes an optional version of the backpack that comes in a more neutral brown and green colour scheme that’ll better suit a hardened post-apocalypic survivalist’s wardrobe.

If you’re unsure which of those two wasteland fashion camps you land in, hopefully this showcase video for the mod – from QwibQwib’s fellow modder Elianora – will help you make up your mind.

While you’re deciding, make sure to check out our recent interview with the creator of a great Fallout mod that pays tribute to actor Matthew Perry, as well as my attempt to convince people to dip back into New Vegas ahead of the TV Show’s release.

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