Type Soul Segunda Guide – How To Unlock Segunda

By admin Apr3,2024
Feature image for our Type Soul Segunda guide. It shows the dakr orb in the Menos Forest cave that you get the Segunda quest from.

Is Full Res not enough to satisfy your hunger? Want to reach the apex of Hollow potential? Then you will need to unlock your Segunda Etapa. It’s no easy task, but if you’re up for the challenge then you can unlock great and terrible power. Fortunately, our Type Soul Segunda guide is here to tell you what to do, and what you need.

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Type Soul Segunda Guide

Here’s where we go over what you need. We’ll cover what you need to do before trying for Segunda, and then what you need to do to unlock it when you’re ready.

What You Need Before You Start

Here’s everything you need to unlock before you can go for Segunda, keep these in mind before putting too much time into chasing after it.

  • Hollow Path – You need to be on the Hollow upgrade path, Shinigami and Quincy need not apply.
  • Vasto Lorde – You must have unlocked Vasto Lorde by reaching the peak of Hollow evolution before advancing to Arrancar, this includes a boss that you only get one try at. No pressure or anything.
  • Resurrección – You need to have unlocked both your Partial Resurrection and your Full Resurrection before tackling Segunda Etapa.

How To Earn Seguna Etapa

Got everything above? Fantastic. Follow the steps below to unlock Segunda.

  • Head to the Menos Forest, down the small pit in Hueco Mundo. Climb one of the large roots to enter a cave in the cliff wall. You’ll see a black orb mounted in a stone staff, the same place where you got your Full Res. This black orb will give you a quest.
  • The your quest is to defeat 35 players in battle, but it’s not just any players. They must be the following:
    • Have Bankai/Vollstandig/Full Res unlocked.
    • Be using their Bankai/Vollstandig/Full Res form when you fight and defeat them.
    • Kill Assists count toward your total.
  • Return to the cave once you’re done.

Congratulations! Time to go terrify everyone with your new form.

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