Dadish Goes 3-Dimensional! Devs Drop New Dadish 3D Trailer

By admin Apr2,2024

Thomas Young and CatCup Games are bringing another version of Dadish on mobile soon. This time it’s 3D. They just dropped a Dadish 3D trailer for the upcoming game and it looks freaking cute. The game is expected to be released on April 23rd on Android, iOS, Switch and PC.

In case you don’t know, Dadish is a cute (silly but cute) 2D platformer game series. The first one, Dadish, dropped in February 2020. Later, Thomas and the team dropped Dadish 2, Dadish 3 and Daily Dadish which had 365 different levels, one for each day. Thomas Young has also developed other fun action titles like Fowlst and word games like Molecano.

The Radish Dad Is Back

Dadish 3D will have 50 levels where you’ll encounter 49 radishes and one pesky possum. There will also be five bosses that are gearing up to challenge you. There are even hidden secrets tucked away in the levels, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’ve played any of the Dadish games before, you’re definitely going to want to see where this three-dimensional journey takes our veggie hero. On that note, why don’t you take a peek at the fun Dadish 3D trailer below?

Who’s Dadish?

He’s a hot pink radish hero, who’s a dad AND a radish. With his green leaves, he swings from vines and hops along with style. His white root helps him move, climb, jump and double jump. Often nestled in dirt up to his leaves, Dadish has over forty radish kids who seem to have a knack for getting lost.

It’s his job to find his lost kids and bring them back home. Now, if you’re just as stoked as I am, check out the official website. So, don’t forget to grab the game on April 23rd from Play Store.

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