Solo Leveling Arise Tier List – BETA Rankings

By admin Mar25,2024
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Participating in the BETA and want to make the most of it? This Solo Leveling Arise Tier List ranks all the units from best to worst so you can enlist a team that SOLOS the competition. (Get it?).

Check out more on the BETA over on the Official Website. If you’re a fan of tiers, check out some of our other rankings! Aetherium Wars Tier List and our Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan Tier List.

Solo Leveling Arise Tier List (March 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings!


OP! These units are the absolute GOATs. They’re versatile, strong, and have little to no statistical flaws.

  • Sung Jinwoo
  • Emma Laurent
  • Choi Jong-In
  • Yoo Jinho


Great alternatives to those in the S-Tier. These units are strong, reliable and can hold their own.

  • Cha Hae-In
  • Lim Tae-Gyu
  • Baek Yoonho
  • Min Byung-Gu


Average units with some promise. Good as a filler character for gaps in your team.

  • Kim Chul
  • Park Heejin
  • Han Song-Yi
  • Lee Bora


Use situationally, these units have a few niche uses but aren’t overly reliable.

  • Lee Joohee
  • Woo Jinchul
  • Kang Taeshik
  • Song Chiyul
  • Jo Kyuhwan


Would not recommend these units at all.

  • Hwang Dongsoo
  • Hwang Dongsuk
  • Kim Sangshik

How We Decide Our Rankings

This tier list is crafted from personal gameplay, a hefty amount of research into others’ gameplay and general player feedback and consensus. Due to the nature of tier lists, you may disagree with the rankings, but hopefully, our tier was insightful.

About Solo Leveling: ARISE

Solo Leveling: ARISE throws you into the depths of dungeons. You can enlist elite teams from canon characters among some new faces. Strategise your dream team by mixing and matching armouries, weapons and character quirks to maximise your loot gains. If you’ve played an anime RPG gacha, you get the gist of this title.

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