All Auras In Sols RNG – Roll Chances, Exclusives, And More!

By admin Mar25,2024
A character from Roblox game Sols RNG standing in front of two of the game's leaderboards. It's dark, and blue lights are swirling in the sky above.

Sols RNG is a game all about Auras, whether you’re rolling for them or showing them off to your friends. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all Auras in Sols RNG, covering their roll chances and more key information.

Sols RNG is a gacha game on the Roblox platform. It gives you unlimited rolls to get your hands on the Aura of your dreams, with only time standing in your way. Even at this early stage of development, the game has a long list of Auras, some of which have specific conditions attached to obtaining them. In this guide, we’ll go through every one of them.

You can check out Sols RNG on Roblox right now. For more on the game, our Sols RNG Exo Gauntlet guide has you covered.

All Auras In Sols RNG

The following is a complete list of Auras in Sols RNG at present. For each Aura we’ve noted its roll chance, as well as any special conditions attached to obtaining it. Note that we’ve excluded truly unobtainable Auras, such as the developer-exclusive Sol.

Regular Auras

Aura Name Roll Chance Special Notes
Common 1 in 2
Uncommon 1 in 4
Good 1 in 5
Natural 1 in 8
Rare 1 in 16
Divinus 1 in 32
Crystallized 1 in 64
Rage 1 in 128
Glacier 1 in 256 Exclusive to Snowy.
Wind 1 in 300 Exclusive to Windy.
Ruby 1 in 350
Gilded 1 in 512
Jackpot 1 in 777
Diaboli 1 in 1,004
Precious 1 in 1,024
Undefined 1 in 1,111 Exclusive to isNull.
Magnetic 1 in 2,048
Sidereum 1 in 4,096
Bleeding 1 in 4,444
Solar 1 in 5,000 Exclusive to Daytime.
Lunar 1 in 5,000 Exclusive to Nighttime.
Flushed 1 in 6,900
Undead 1 in 10,000
Comet 1 in 12,000 Exclusive to Starfall.
Rage: Heated 1 in 12,800 Mutation of Rage.
Permafrost 1 in 24,500 Exclusive to Snowy.
Stormal 1 in 30,000 Exclusive to Windy.
Eclipse N/A Crafted at Jake’s Worskhop.
Aquatic 1 in 40,000
Flushed: Lobotomy 1 in 69,000 Mutation of Flushed.
Nautilus 1 in 70,000
Exotic 1 in 99,999
Undead: Devil 1 in 100,000 Mutation of Undead.
Diaboli: Void 1 in 100,400 Mutation of Diaboli.
Bounded 1 in 200,000
Celestial 1 in 350,000
Galaxy 1 in 500,000 Exclusive to Starfall.
Lunar: Full Moon 1 in 500,000 Mutation of Lunar.
Arcane 1 in 1,000,000
Gravitational 1 in 2,000,000
Virtual 1 in 2,500,000
Poseidon 1 in 3,800,000
Aquatic: Flame 1 in 4,000,000 Mutation of Aquatic.
Hades 1 in 6,666,666
HYPER-VOLT 1 in 7,500,000
Glitch 1 in 12,210,110 Exclusive to isGlitched.
Starscourge 1 in 15,000,000
Arcane : Legacy 1 in 15,000,000 Mutation of Arcane.
Chromatic 1 in 20,000,000
Arcane : Dark 1 in 30,000,000 Mutation of Arcane.
Exotic: APEX 1 in 49,999,500 Mutation of Exotic.
Matrix 1 in 50,000,000
Abyssal Hunter 1 in 100,000,000 Exclusive to Rainy.
Impeached 1 in 200,000,000
Archangel 1 in 250,000,000

Quest Reward Auras

Aura Name Roll Chance Special Notes
Divinus: Love N/A Reward from Lime’s Seasonal Quests, March 2024.
Flushed: Heart Eyes N/A Reward from Lime’s Seasonal Quests, March 2024.
Celestial: Cupid N/A Reward from Lime’s Seasonal Quests, March 2024.
Blossom N/A Reward from Lime’s Seasonal Quests, March 2024.

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