Fights In Tight Spaces devs announce fantasy follow-up Knights In Tight Spaces

By admin Mar24,2024

After letting you live out your Jason Bourne and John Wick fantasies by building decks and playing cards for close-quarters cool violence with 2021’s Fights In Tights Spaces, developers Ground Shatter are venturing into fantasy-y fantasies. Last night they announced Knights In Tight Spaces, where you’ll build decks with cards for turn-based tactical manoeuvres and magic-tinged action so you can bash baddies on small grids. Have a peek in the announcement trailer, below.

Cover image for YouTube videoKnights in Tight Spaces | Future Games Show Announcement Trailer

Once again, you’ll bash, dash, dodge, parry, grapple, and generally murder through intense fights in close-quarters spaces, with all of your moves represented by a deck of cards you can upgrade. I think the broad idea is the pushy-shovy-dodgy-killy small intense battles of games like FTL and John Wick Hex, but with cards and wizards. You’ll also build a party of fellow adventurers, and I do like the idea of creating combos of swords and arrows and fireballs and all that.

Our Fights In Tight Spaces review thought “the action at the heart of it is honestly incredible” but felt it discouraged experimenting with builds, which is a problem in the long run. “When everything’s going right, it engages my brain like I’m doing a particularly hard sudoku,” Jai Singh Bains said. “The problem is there isn’t much besides that going on. The whole game feels like it should be one of the best things I played this year, but somehow I came away from it saying just ‘okay.'”

Knights In Tight Spaces is headed to Windows via Steam later this year. It’s made by Ground Shatter and published by Raw Fury.

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