Hades RNG CheatReal Guide – Drop Rate And Tips For Rolling!

By admin Mar23,2024

While it’s difficult to get, the Hades RNG CheatReal Aura is one of the best in the game, both visually and musically. Want to grab one for yourself? Read on to find out how.

Hades RNG is a full-on gacha experience on the Roblox platform. You roll to earn Auras, which give you moves, which you can use in deadly combat against your foes. The circle of life. Not all Auras are created equal, however, and CheatReal was definitely created more equal than most others. In this guide, I’ll break it down in detail.

You can give Hades RNG a shot via Roblox. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to get Holding Animations in Hades RNG.

Complete Guide To CheatReal In Hades RNG

In this guide, I’ll go over what CheatReal is, and how you can roll one for yourself.

What Is CheatReal?

CheatReal is a rare Aura in Hades RNG. Visually, it creates a coloured circle on the ground around your character, as well as four matching orbs. Three of the orbs revolve around your head, while the fourth sits above you. The colour of this aura changes rapidly in time with the dance music that accompanies it.

Mechanically, you have a 1 in 2,000,000 chance to roll CheatReal each time. This makes it quite difficult to find even for the luck-blessed among us. It also means that CheatReal will eventually have 4 Aura-exclusive moves tied to it, due to how Combat in Hades RNG works. At time of writing, these moves are yet to be revealed.

How To Get CheatReal

Ultimately, getting CheatReal just comes down to getting lucky with your rolls. This can happen naturally over time, but there are also a couple of things you can do to speed up the process.

  • Use a Pray Item – These are star-shaped items you can find lying around the map. When used, they increase your Luck by a random amount from 1 to 777. The high-end results of this can be incredibly useful, but even a small Luck boost helps.
  • Equip a crafted Gwa Gwa – If you speak to the Gwa Gwa Boss, you can use regular Gwa Gwas and certain Auras to craft powerful equippable Items. Each of these crafted Gwa Gwas has a different effect, but they all tend to increase and multiply your Luck, which makes CheatReal a much more realistic prospect. Note that this only works with crafted Gwa Gwas: equipping a regular Gwa Gwa has no effect on your stats.

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