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By admin Mar23,2024
Feature image for our Hade's RNG badges guide. It shows the Hade's RNG Gloomy Aura.

Looking for badges? There’s more than a few to be found in Hade’s RNG, but you might be rolling for a while! These give you something to show off with, and you might pick up some without even realizing! Our Hade’s RNG Badges guide goes over what you need to know about the badges available in Hade’s RNG specificially.

Interested in the game? Make sure to check it out on Roblox. If you’re interested in more guides, we’ve got a Hade’s RNG Auras guide, and a Hade’s RNG Gwa Gwa guide for your viewing enjoyment.

Hade’s RNG Badges Guide

We’ve drawn up a badge list below with each badge and what you need to do to get it. We’ve included a few tips here and there too, for the harder ones.

Badge List

  • I’m A Cat – Pick up a Gwa Gwa. You can find them lying around the map in various locations, and the spawn in at random times.
  • Played Hade’s RNG – You just need to enter the game, that’s all!
  • Lucky! – Get the maximum Luck award from a Pray item, something randomly assigned each time you use one.
  • Cursed – Get 666 Luck from the Pray item’s random Luck bonus.
  • WHAT. – Roll 776 Luck from the Pray item’s random Luck bonus.
  • Highest Cooker – Roll over 50,000 times. Make sure you unlock auto-roll and turn it on before you seriously thing about tackling this one.

What Are Badges?

Badges are Roblox’s own form of achievement. You earn them through completeing specific tasks in games. Some are pretty easy, like simply opening a game and getting a badge, others require a crazy level of dedication. You can check the rarity of each badge on the game’s page, to see the percentage of players who’ve managed to earn it.

The rarer the badge, the more bragging rights you get!

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