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By the time you reach Route 3 in Tales of Tanorio, your team will be starting to take shape. In this guide, I’ll go in-depth on the Route’s Tanorian selection, and let you know which ones are worth collecting.

Tales of Tanorio is a monster catching RPG on the Roblox platform. It takes you on a grand adventure through the titular Tanorio, with plenty of creatures to capture and challenges to conquer along the way. Route 3 is a location you’ll find fairly early on in the game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great Tanorians available here. Read on to learn all about them.

Tales of Tanorio is available to play on Roblox now. For more on the game, check out our Tales of Tanorio tier list and our Tales of Tanorio Gym 1 guide.

Tales Of Tanorio Route 3 Guide

In this guide, I’ll break down all of the Tanorians available on Route 3, and give you my choice for the best one to pick up!

All Tanorians On Route 3

The following is a complete list of all the Tanorians you can encounter on Route 3. Note that this doesn’t include Weather-exclusive Tanorians, since they don’t reliably show up here. For more on those, check out our Tales of Tanorio Weather guide.

  • Notent
    • Type – Normal
    • Level Range – 5-10
    • Encounter Rate – Common
  • Rootrake
    • Type – Grass
    • Level Range – 5-10
    • Encounter Rate – Common
  • Manxo
    • Type – Fighting
    • Level Range – 5-10
    • Encounter Rate – Uncommon
  • Purrlazy
    • Type – Normal
    • Level Range – 5-10
    • Encounter Rate – Rare

What Should You Catch On Route 3?

So that’s a full list of everything available on Route 3, now which are worth a spot in your squad? It may be unexpected, but I’m actually going to recommend Manxo here. There is a catch, however. This only applies if you can find a Manxo with the Double Hit Ability.

Manxo and its evolved form Dualram are both fairly underwhelming in terms of stats, but the Double Hit Ability makes them worth running regardless. It essentially doubles all of their attacking moves, resulting in two instances of damage, and potentially two instances of debuffs.

This makes Manxo a powerful early pick, and one that’s flown under the radar so far since its power is tied to its Ability. Grab one on Route 3 and experience that power for yourself!

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