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If you’re a fan of rhythm games, you’ll easily smash through the Funky Friday The Hunt playlist! Read on to find out how to obtain the badge and other exclusive items.

Not familiar with Funky Friday? Well, it’s based on the game Friday Night Funkin’ and is an ode to the hit. Perform a multitude of songs by hitting the keys at the right time while enjoying the tunes!

Step onto the stage in Funky Friday via the game’s official Roblox page! For some extra The Hunt content to help you reach the milestones, check out our Astro Renaissance The Hunt walkthrough, our Lumberjack Simulator The Hunt guide, and our Easiest The Hunt Badges guide.

Funky Friday The Hunt

Get your dancing shoes on, ’cause it’s time to start the Funky Friday Hunt event! To start the playlist, you can walk over to the stage and interact with it to ‘ready up’. Then, you can select the ‘The Hunt Event’ option!

How to Get the Funky Friday The Hunt Badge

All you need to do is complete a total of 4 songs that are part of the event-exclusive playlist aptly named ‘The Hunt’. The song names are as follows:

  • The Big Cheese
  • Cheese Rush (Anzo Remix)
  • Project 03: The Hunt
  • The Hunt (Remixed)

There are rewards for each complete song, with the final reward being the sought-after badge! After performing 1 song, you get 100 Points, after 2 songs, you receive the exclusive The Hunt Mic. It’s not clear if these event cosmetic items will remain in the game after The Hunt has ended, so keep that in mind!

Next up is the themed The Hunt Speaker once you complete 3 songs, and lastly you are rewarded with The Hunt badge after 4 songs. You need to reach the end of every song and some players have noted that you need at least 70% accuracy to ‘complete’ it!

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