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The Spray Paint The Hunt quest is a little more complicated than some others. Searching high and low for certain missing items is the key to completion, so let’s find out where they’re located and how to get the event badge!

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Spray Paint The Hunt Badge Guide

Firstly, you need to find Hobo Joe! If you’re in the middle of the map, by the skate park, you can find him sitting against a brick wall by a large bin, metal stairs, and a ladder. An easy way to spot him is by looking for a giant green beam of light that highlights his location! Hobo Joe then asks you to find a thief.

Make your way to the subway by walking to the stairs leading underground. The Thief NPC stands against one of the pillars in the subway, and after some dialogue, he requests that you draw a self-portrait on the wall. You can actually draw anything you want, so long as the green beam of light appears around the Thief.

Missing Spray Paint Locations

After completing this step, talk to the Thief NPC again, who then asks you to find the 9 missing spray paint cans.

Spray Paint Can 1

There should be a spray paint can not too far away from the Thief as you go further into the subway! It’s situated to the left of the Thief NPC.

Spray Paint Can 2

For this can, you need to head out of the subway via the stairs. Walk through the tunnel to the left and then head right (the side of the large Yellow crate)! There is a spray paint can on the floor by the train tunnel.

Spray Paint Can 3

Head back through the tunnel you came from and turn left (you can see some stairs!). Walk through the entryway by this staircase to enter an abandoned building. Walk up the stairs that are located at the back and you’ll spot the spray paint on the platform.

Spray Paint Can 4

Make your way back into the centre of the in-game map by the skate park. Turn left and walk around the corner to find a spray paint can floating in the large blue bin! This is probably one of the easiest ones to find.

Spray Paint Can 5

From the blue bin, walk forward into the garage – there’s an old blue car parked here. Head to the back of the car to pick up the glowing spray paint can.

Spray Paint Can 6

Now, it’s time to head back into the centre of the map again! From here, turn left to see a metal manhole with N.Y.C. written on it, and interact with it to go inside. You should now be in the sewers (gross), where the 6th spray paint can is located. Due to the darkness of the sewer area, it’s easy to spot the gleaming spray paint!

Spray Paint Can 7

After picking up the 6th spray paint, you need to leave the sewers – thankfully. You can do this by going back to the entrance of the sewers and climbing up the ladder by interacting with it.

Next, go right and walk up the stairs that are directly in front of you against the brick wall. Climb up the ladder to the roof (there’s a billboard up here too!) and look to your left. The spray paint can is next to the ledge!

Spray Paint Can 8

Stay on the building’s roof for this one. Head across the roof, past the billboard and ladders, and around the corner to the wooden planks that lead to another roof. Walk across these wooden planks to make your way to the next roof and continue forward.

Ignore the ladder, turn right, and then turn left around the corner. Next, turn right and walk up the wooden plank that leads to yet another roof! You should see the 8th spray paint can floating here.

Spray Paint Can 9

For the last can, you can jump from the building to get back to the skate park area. Walk towards the metal scaffolding that’s located to the left of where you land and make your way up the scaffolding by walking across the wooden planks. Continue to climb upwards until you reach the top, which is where the final spray paint can is situated!

Completing the Spray Paint The Hunt Quest

Now that you have all 9 missing spray paint cans, you can head back to Hobo Joe who is still sitting in the same area as when you first found him. Interact with him to give him the cans back, and he rewards you with the Act of Kindness The Hunt badge!

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