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Roblox’s Easter-themed The Hunt event is an exciting cross-experience collaboration. In this Lumberjack Simulator The Hunt guide, I’ll show you how to claim the badge for this compelling auto-clicker.

Lumberjack Simulator is an auto-clicker experience on the Roblox platform. Along with 94 other games, it’s part of The Hunt, a huge Roblox event in celebration of Easter. Each game has a quest to complete, which rewards you with a badge that goes towards exclusive cosmetics in The Hunt experience itself. Want the badge for Lumberjack Simulator? Read on to learn how to get it.

You can check out Lumberjack Simulator via Roblox now. For more on The Hunt, have a look at our Deadly Decisions The Hunt guide and our All Star Tower Defense The Hunt guide.

Complete Lumberjack Simulator The Hunt Guide

In this guide, I’ll show you how to beat The Bunny and claim your The Hunt badge.

How To Get The Hunt Badge In Lumberjack Simulator

While still fairly simple, the process of getting The Hunt badge for this game is more involved than some. To get it, you’ll need to defeat a powerful boss known as The Bunny, located in the Event Zone section of the game.

You don’t have access to this area by default. Instead, you’ll need to complete the entirety of the first world, Forest, first. This means you’ll need to defeat all five of the bosses present there, including the powerful Magic Lizard at the end, who has a formidable 500,000 strength.

Once you’ve beaten this boss, you’ll be able to move through into Snow Land using the portal labelled ‘Escape Forest.’ In Snow Land, look for the portal labelled ‘Event Zone,’ and enter it to come face-to-face with The Bunny itself.

Tips For Beating The Bunny Boss

The Bunny isn’t the most powerful opponent you can face in Lumberjack Simulator, but he’s still hugely intimidating for a new player. His strength sits at an eye-watering 15 million, which means you’ll likely need at least 20 million strength yourself in order to triumph.

Reaching this level of strength will happen naturally as you progress through Lumberjack Simulator, but if you’re having some trouble with that, then here are a few tips to help you on you way.

  • Always Use Auto-Train And Auto-Fight – Not only does this avoid you damaging your mouse through excessive clicking, but it also makes battles much easier. The Auto-Fight AI clicks much faster than you probably can, allowing you to win battles you may be slightly under-prepared for.
  • Rack Up Rebirths – One of the best ways to boost your strength in Lumberjack Simulator, Rebirths offer permanent boosts in exchange for dropping your amassed strength to zero. Grab these whenever they’re available, just remember to train back up again afterwards before battling again.
  • Max Out Your Click – Each time you hit a certain strength threshold, you’ll be able to upgrade your click, thus generating more strength per click in the future. In the Forest you’ll be shown these upgrades automatically. Inn Snow Land, however, you’ll need to claim them manually from the statue with the yellow circle round it. Try to do this before you pursue boss fights and Rebirths.

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