How To Heal In Arksworth In Tales Of Tanorio

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Feature image for our guide on how to heal in Arksworth in Tales Of Tanorio. It shows the Arksworth Tanostation at night, in the rain.

For most tamers heading out on their Tanorian journey, the first port of call outside their hometown will be Arksworth, the quaint town known for its museum of Tanorian natural history. If you were expecting a laid-back time there you might be surprised. It’s all go at the Arkworth Museum. After the trip there though, your squad might be a bit tired. So.. how to heal in Arksworth in Tales Of Tanorio?

Read on to find out. You can play Tales Of Tanorio right now on Roblox. Want to get through it faster? Check out our guide on how to skip dialogue in Tales Of Tanorio.

How To Heal In Arksworth In Tales Of Tanorio

Let’s tackle this one section at a time.

Getting To Arksworth

Arksworth sits on Route 3, and is the first town reach after Tanuku Village. The journey there involves crossing Route 1, and Route 2. There’s a basic healing station on Route 2 that lets you heal your team, though doesn’t have any of the other facilities you enjoy at a full-size Tanostation. It’s still very welcome, though!

Keep following the route until you reach Arksworth.

How To Find The Tanostation In Arksworth

So you’ve reached town. Where to now?

  • Once inside Arksworth, head straight in and over the bridge until you reach a square.
  • Turn left and head up the steps towards the museum building.
  • Head to the left of the museum.
  • You should see a building with a post next to it that resembles an open Tanocan. This is the Tanostation!
  • Head inside and you’re all set to patch up your monsters, use a computer to swap out your squad, and use the shop to purchase supplies.

The next Tanostation is over at Pontero Pasture, so make sure to stop by there en route, too. Don’t believe what they say in the Pontero Pasture cutscene about the milk restoring your Tanorian’s health. They’re going to be the exact same health after that scene.

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