Catch Some Z’s And Raikou Mane’s In Pokémon Sleep, The Sim Game’s Latest Event!

By admin Mar13,2024

Love gaming and taking long naps, anyone? Or is it just me…? Well, I’m sure there are more like me out there. Isn’t that why we have simulation/video game/ lifestyle tracking apps, like Pokémon Sleep? This sleep-tracking sim game is now gearing up for the Raikou Research event. Not sure what that is? Follow along to get the full scoop!

Here’s What’s Going Down At Greengrass Isle!

For the very first time, the mighty Legendary Pokémon Raikou is going to be part of a sleep research event. Raikou is part of the famous trio of Legendary Beasts. The Raikou Research event is split into two parts, with Week 1 Missions starting March 25th. Week 2 Missions start on April 1st and wrap up on April 8th.

During the Raikou Research event, your mission is to team up with Professor Neroli and collect Raikou Mane samples. Why? So that we all can figure out how these creatures snooze. Also, you get to swap those samples for goodies like Raikou Incense and Biscuits. You can further use these goodies to unlock secrets about Raikou’s zzz’s.

Raikou Research With Pokémon Sleep

To rack up the Raikou Mane samples, you only need to drop by the Greengrass Isle once daily and take part in some sleep research. The catch is, the Pokémon you choose to study and their sleeping patterns determine how much Mane you haul in. The Electric-type mon have the goods for more Mane, so now you know which ones to look out for!

To stay in the loop, Pokémon Sleep’s official X handle (Twitter) is dishing out bite-sized guides. They’ve already dropped two parts today, and they’re hinting at more. So stay tuned to their feed for the latest updates on the Raikou Research Event.

If you want to transform sleep into entertainment and track your sleep patterns, then grab Pokémon Sleep from the Google Play Store. Oh, you’re into roguelike games instead? Then check out Roguelike Hack’n’Slash, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Opens Pre-registration On Android!

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