Project XL Best Race – The Best Race To Be!

By admin Mar8,2024

With a massive selection of races, it’s hard to determine which is the best of the bunch. My Project XL Best Race guide gives you my input on the absolute goated, based, not cringe race to be. (Spoiler: It’s not the default human race).

Don’t settle for the default human race handed upon entry. Project XL hosts a full roster of races that spans multiple anime franchises from Dragon Ball, One Piece and all things in between. Races offer a variety of perks, buffs and cosmetics to the user. But not all races are created with equal benefits.

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Project XL Best Race

Naturally, the best race will depend on your playstyle and what buffs you want from the game. I recommend choosing a race based on something you lack to give you aid during combat, or something you excel in for heightened attacks.

But, that isn’t what my guide covers. So, let’s get into my pick for the best race and why.

Best Race – Hit Race

My pick for the best race is the Legendary rarity race, Hit Race. Now, as expected, this race is hard to get since anything that offers a high reward is going to be of high rarity. If you get this race you can enjoy the following buffs:

  • 2x Health Increase
  • 2x Damage Increase
  • 25% Less Damage intake
  • Purple skin cosmetic

The Hit Race is, of course, based on Hit from Dragon Ball. This race style only improves the stronger you become due to the double increase in both health and DMG output. As you climb the levels you’ll become more of a threat to any foe you face be it PvP, Bosses or general mobs. Plus, enemies will deal less damage to you thanks to the shielding aspect of this race.

By admin

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