Anime Last Stand Dark Flash Evolution Guide – Unlock Minato’s True Potential!

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Anime Last Stand is chock-full of authentic anime characters, but sometimes it puts a creative spin on them, too. One notable example of this is the Anime Last Stand Dark Flash Unit, an alternate-universe version of Naruto’s father, Minato.

Anime Last Stand is a full-on Tower Defence experience on the Roblox platform. It features a wide range of anime Units, a sizable Story mode, and ample goals to work towards as you grind your way to mastery. One of the more interesting recent additions to the game is Dark Flash, an evil version of Minato from Naruto that comes with his own exclusive status effect. Read on to learn all about him.

Anime Last Stand is available to play on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Anime Last Stand Ghiaccio guide.

Complete Anime Last Stand Dark Flash Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can get Dark Flash, his stats and abilities, and how you can use him in battle.

How To Get Dark Flash

Dark Flash is an Exotic rarity Unit, which means he can’t be obtained through normal means. Instead, the only way to get him is to evolve him from another Unit, Flash.

How To Get Flash

If you don’t have Flash yet, the process for obtaining him is very simple. All you need to do is redeem the following code:


If you need help redeeming a code, you can check out our Anime Last Stand codes guide for all the information you need.

How To Evolve Flash

Once you’ve got your Flash Unit, you’ll need to gather a few essential ingredients to evolve him into Dark Flash. These are as follows:

  • Spirit Shard x25 – You can get these by completing Challenge stages. You have a 65% chance of getting a Shard after each stage.
  • Tor’s Headband x10 – These are given as rewards for completing Act 6 of the Desert Village Story mode section. You have a 35% chance of getting one each time.
  • Tor’s Cloak x10 – Like the Headbands above, you can get these by completing Act 6 of Desert Village. Their exact drop rate is unknown, but it’s likely similar to that of the Headband.

Once you’ve assembled all of the above, you’re ready to evolve Flash into Dark Flash. To do this, open the Units menu, click on Flash, scroll down to the ‘Evolve’ button, and click ‘Evolve’ in the menu that appears. If you have all the right items, you’ll receive the Dark Flash Unit.

Stats And Abilities

The following is a full breakdown of Dark Flash’s stats at each stage of development. We’ve also included notes on how his abilities change as he levels up.

Cost Damage Range SPA Other Notes
Initial Deployment $300 700 16 6 Begins as a Ground-type Unit with a Circle AOE pattern.
First Upgrade $1,000 788 18 6
Second Upgrade $2,000 1,030 20 6
Third Upgrade $3,000 1,230 20 6
Fourth Upgrade $4,000 1,570 20 6
Fifth Upgrade $5,000 2,510 20 5
Sixth Upgrade $25,000 25,100 40 15 AOE pattern changes to Cone. Attacks also begin to apply the Fear status effect to enemies. (More on this below)
Seventh Upgrade $27,500 32,600 42 14
Eighth Upgrade $45,000 43,100 45 13

Tips And Tricks

So you’ve evolved yourself a Dark Flash, now what are the best ways to use him? The most notable feature of this Unit is his ability to inflict the Fear status on enemies. At time of writing, Dark Flash is the only Unit in the game that can do this. Fear temporarily stuns enemies, and increases the damage they take by 10% for as long as they’re active.

Since Fear’s damage boost doesn’t wear off, you’ll want to place Dark Flash as close to the enemy spawn point as possible, to maximise how long they’ll be affected by it for. You don’t need to worry about his placement too much beyond that, since his attack pattern will eventually shift to Cone anyway.

In terms of Techniques, Dark Flash plays well with the Celestial Techniques that greatly boost your stats but limit you to just one Placement. Since Dark Flash has a default Placement value of two, he gains more than he loses from such Techniques. These Techniques, in ascending order of usefulness, are Avatar, Overlord, and Glitched.

For his Skill Tree, Dark Flash plays nicely with either a Raw Damage build or a Critical Damage build. For more information on both of these, check out our Anime Last Stand Skill Tree guide.

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