Play With Cute And Colourful Kittens In Stray Cat Doors 3!

By admin Mar7,2024

If you’re into charming games that have adorable visuals, then Stray Cat Doors 3 is for you. The third installment of the escape room puzzle game series is here. Published by Pulsmo, it’s free to play. The first two installments of the game were released in January 2019 and August 2020 respectively.

Where’s The Cat?

With a heartwarming storyline, Stray Cat Doors 3 lets you step into the shoes of a young girl. Wearing a black cat hat, you look for stray cats and crack some brain teasers. Although it’s an escape room game, it isn’t that typical. The gameplay is pretty chill with no time crunch, no rankings and no sweat!

With zero complexity, your goal is to solve enough puzzles to find your missing cats and open doors to the next level. As you play, you rummage around for items, decode hidden patterns and unlock various puzzles. Piecing together the cat puzzles that let you pass through doors.

You get a fresh batch of puzzles with each new stage in the series’ signature, easy-on-the-eyes art style. Gather coloured gems to snag stickers and jazz up the rooms you unlock. And when you get your hands on a new room, there’s another mini-puzzle that lets you tackle some interior design.

You can customize the wardrobe and soundtrack and create a cosy space of your own. The puzzles are neither too easy nor too hard. And if you ever hit a wall, there are hints to nudge you along. Want to see how Stray Cat Doors 3 looks? Catch a glimpse of it below!

It’s Full Of Cats And Cutes!

Let’s not skate over the looks of the game! Its cute, pastel aesthetics and keen attention to detail make Stray Cat Doors 3 an eye-catcher. And anyway, who doesn’t love a story filled with cute cats? If you’re a feline lover, too, then grab the game from the Google Play Store!

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