Anime Last Stand Jotaro Guide – All About Gigachad

By admin Mar7,2024
Feature image for our Anime Last Stand Jotaro guide. It shows night over the Anime Last Stand lobby town, with hanging lights and clouds in the sky.

A new very Jojo-esque character just dropped into Anime Last Stand, and we’re here for it. Ready to Ora Ora Ora (feel free to add in about fifty more Oras in your head) some enemies? Our Anime Last Stand Jotaro guide tells you all you need to know about the aptly named Gigachad.

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Anime Last Stand Jotaro Guide

So, how does he measure up?

About Gigachad

Gigachad is a Celestial-rarity unit you can obtain through the gacha system. You’ll need to unlock Banner 2 through Planet Nemak before you can roll for him, though! Each roll on Banner 2 while Gigachad is active has a 0.5% chance of rolling him.

Tip: Banners refresh regularly throughout the day, you might want to hold onto your emeralds until the characters you want appears in the banner!

Gigachad Strats

What makes Gigachad stand out from the others? (See what I did there?) The thing that really jumps out is his Timestop ability, which freezes enemy units in places for five seconds. The move has a cooldown of 100 seconds afterwards, where you can’t use it.

This is great for tanky enemies that are taking too long to deal with. Combine with other damage-dealing units in the vicinity to hit hard!

Gigachad Stats

Here are the vital stats. All these are based on a level 1 character.

Default – $600

First Upgrade – $2,500

Second Upgrade – $3,750

Third Upgrade – $7,500

  • 16,900 DMG
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 6

Fourth Upgrade – $10,000

  • 28,200 DMG
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 6

Fifth Upgrade – $65,000

  • 34,900 DMG
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 6
  • Timestop Unlocked

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