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Spring is just around the corner, and so is another holiday for Disney to celebrate!

St. Patrick’s Day Cone at Swirls On The Water

We were already anticipating a few new treats and snacks to debut for Spring, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day and we decided it was time to take advantage of the warmer weather and set out to Disney Springs to try a few! And believe us when we say we’re SO glad we did!

It’s finally March and Disney World has started releasing a whole lineup of treats to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. We decided to spend an afternoon out at Disney Springs to visit Swirls on the Water and try out their latest lineup of treats

New treats!

They’ve released so many new seasonal treats that it’s almost a complete menu switch, so, naturally, we couldn’t say no to a few sweet offerings and decided (for the sake of research) we’d take one for the team. Here’s a breakdown of everything we tried!

First up, we tried out the latest Dole Whip Sampler for $7.99. This dole whip flight came with three combinations of pineapple-flavored Dole whip swirled with vanilla soft-serve and garnished with a pineapple wedge, pistachio and chocolate soft-serve swirled together, and banana and toasted marshmallow swirled together to complete the flavor trio.


Let’s talk about our faithful pineapple dole whip and vanilla soft serve swirl first. This flavor combo has become a staple in the flights since their debut and honestly, we can’t blame them.

Pineapple Dole Whip and Vanilla soft serve swirl

It’s the perfect combination of light and sweet with a little bit of tart from the pineapple to really give you those tropical vibes. The pineapple wedge garnishment is a cute additive to really help brighten that pineapple flavor too!

So good!

Then we turned our attention to what looked to be the most interesting combo — the pistachio and chocolate-flavored soft-serve swirl.

Pistachio and Chocolate soft serve swirl

Admittedly, on paper, it may not sound like it makes a lot of sense to put these two together but it really struck a chord with us in all the best ways. The pistachio flavor is a lot lighter than the bolder chocolate, and neither overpowered the other, surprisingly. This one came topped with tiny shamrock sprinkles that didn’t really add much to the overall flavor but made for a nice holiday flair!

Nice combo

So then it was time to try out the banana and toasted marshmallow soft-serve swirl. This beauty was debuting flavor combo for Swirls On The Water and it didn’t disappoint!

Banana and toasted marshmallow soft serve swirl

The soft serve was topped with caramel drizzle which made it extra creamy and for added texture caramel-coated crisp pearls were sprinkled on top. This flavor was by far our favorite and really did well bringing through the bananas foster flavor to the creamy treat.


Overall this was definitely one of the top Dole whip flights we’ve tried here so far and the only fault we could find with this one is that it’s (you guessed it) super melty! You’ll want to go into this one with a plan of attack quickly because all of these flavors will start melting the moment they’re handed over to you!

If we had any restraint we would have stopped there, but because there were so many new options released at the same time, you know we had to try a few more! Allow us to introduce you to the St. Patrick’s Day Cone.




This one we picked up for $6.49 and it’s made out of that same pistachio and chocolate soft-serve swirled in a black vanilla cone with shamrock sprinkles and a chocolate Mickey garnish.

St. Patrick’s Day Cone

This treat was a delight! Everything about its presence just really made you excited to try it! The Mickey chocolate garnish was almost too cute to eat and we really enjoyed getting to dig into more of the fabulous pistachio and chocolate soft-serve combo.

The backside

The only place this one fell flat for us was the black vanilla cone. It could have been that were just used to a hint of cinnamon in the waffle cones but this one was (supposed) to have a vanilla taste to it. In ours, we didn’t taste any of the vanilla so it literally was just a differently colored waffle cone holding the treat.

Almost too cute to eat

We decided to switch things up for the next treat though and decided to try something with a little more pizzaz. This is when we decided to try out the Cold Brew- Pistachio-Mocha Float which we picked up for $12.99.


This float is made of the pistachio and chocolate soft-serve swirled together coupled with Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew and Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur.

Cold Brew-Pistachio-Mocha Float

If you’re not already drooling at your screen, you seriously should be, because this was a flavor explosion! We’ve already talked extensively about the soft-serve flavors so for this one we’ll focus on what made it different. The Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew was amazing and definitely detectable after you got past the initial few swirls of the soft serve at the top.

A look at the back

It was strong though, like the cold brew put into the cookies and drinks at Gideon’s or a shot of espresso. The Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur is at the bottom (it’s the first thing poured into the cup), so if you’re really after that you’ll either have to do some digging or swirling (maybe even a combination of the two) before you’re going to taste it with the soft serve.

Start scooping!

You’ll know you’ve reached it when you see the soft serve get a bit bubbly or look like it’s got a foam top to it. However, like the Joffrey’s, you’ll want to be aware that the bottom of this cup is straight Bailey’s, which means it will be at its strongest there. If you find it too strong, try mixing it with the rest of the float to cut down on it.

Mocha flavor explosion!

We HAD to end this one with a real crowd pleaser so we saved the BEST for last. We also picked up the Bananas Foster Sundae for $6.49 and this is the treat that sent the rest packing… seriously, it was THAT good!




This one is made of banana soft serve and toasted marshmallow soft serve swirled in a waffle bowl with caramel sauce, banana whipped cream, and topped with caramel-coated crisp pearls. We’re NOT joking when we tell you this was hands down our favorite flavor we’ve ever tried here to this point! If you had the pleasure of trying out the bananas foster milkshake at Magic Kingdom during Celebrate Soulfully last month, we’re calling this its sequel!

Bananas Foster Sundae

This banana-flavored soft serve is so creamy against the whipped cream that has a hint of banana flavor to it too. The banana pieces are completely covered in the caramel foster but they’re not as big (or as fresh) as we had in the shake — which turned out to be our only gripe with this treat.

Could eat our weight’s worth of this stuff

The extra caramel drizzle with the caramel-coated crisp pearls just hammered the caramel flavor home and we really appreciated that this was presented to us in a regular bowl with the waffle bowl to keep it from getting too messy. At first glance, you may feel like you could take this one on by yourself but you could soon discover that you probably could have split it between two people fairly easily.

Overall, we think Swirls On The Water knocked it out of the park with their latest release of treats and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

We’ve tried EVERYTHING there is to eat at Disney World so be sure to check out a few more of our reviews below to help you decide which treats and eats you want to try first on your trip and stay tuned with us at Disney Food Blog for even more!

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Of these treats, which sounds like the first you would be trying at Swirls On The Water? Tell us what stands out to you in the comments below!

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