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With the release of Poppy Playtime Forever, fans now have the chance to enjoy an official entry in the franchise on Roblox. They can also enjoy some snazzy cosmetics, which we’ve ranked for you here in our Poppy Playtime Forever UGC Tier List.

Poppy Playtime Forever is a new entry in the popular horror franchise on the Roblox platform. It features both a story mode and a level editor, letting players craft their own grim gauntlets for others to conquer. It also features a nice batch of fresh UGC, which you can take with you into other Roblox games to show your love for the franchise. Which of these items are the best? Read on to find out.

You can check out Poppy Playtime Forever on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Poppy Playtime Forever Bosses guide.

Poppy Playtime Forever UGC Tier List

The following is our ranking of every UGC item available in the game, based on their price and style value.

S Tier

  • Poppy Playtime Grabpack
    • Price – 249 Robux
    • The Grabpack is an iconic puzzle-solving tool from the Poppy’s Playtime franchise, and it looks fantastic on a Roblox character. It’s also reasonably-priced given its complexity.

A Tier

  • Boxy Boo
    • Price – 400 Robux
    • The head of one of the series’ most recognisable monsters, Boxy Boo makes a truly frightening headpiece in Roblox. The only thing keeping it from S Tier is its high price tag of 400 Robux.
  • Playtime Co. Baseball Hat
    • Price – Free! you need to complete the Chapter to unlock this, however.
    • While not particularly impressive as a piece of UGC, the Baseball Hat gets a lot of points for being totally free once you finish the Chapter. It’s a subtle way of showcasing your love for the franchise!

B Tier

  • CatNap Pendant
    • Price – 49 Robux
    • You get what you pay for with the CatNap Pendant. It’s not particularly impressive, but it’s not particularly expensive, either. It’s also a nice deep cut for those invested in the franchise lore.
  • Playtime Co. Jacket
    • Price – 149 Robux
    • Probably the most ‘mainstream fashion’ UGC item available in the game. The Playtime Co. Jacket looks solid, and won’t break the bank at 149 Robux.

C Tier

  • CatNap
    • Price – 144 Robux
    • Another iconic monster recreated in hat form. Unlike Boxy Boo, however, this one doesn’t translate quite as well.

D Tier

  • Bunzo Bunny
    • Price – 124 Robux
    • One of the weaker monster designs in the franchise becomes its weakest UGC piece with this hat. It’s not bad, but your hard-earned Robux could certainly be spent better elsewhere.

How To Get UGC

Grabbing the above UGC items for yourself is very simple. In the game’s Lobby, where you spawn in before you begin playing the Chapter or Build modes, you’ll see a stack of toy boxes in the corner under a huge sign that reads ‘UGC.’ Here you’ll find all of the UGC items, each of which you can interact with and purchase. Other than the Baseball Hat, you don’t need to finish the Chapter in order to buy any of these: you just need enough Robux.

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