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Want to learn more about the Poppy Playtime Forever Bosses so you know what to expect? This guide goes over which bosses are in the horror game, as well as how to counter them!

Poppy Playtime Forever is an official Roblox game by Mob Entertainment. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer instalment that features tasks, scares, and plenty of places to explore. The special thing about it is the fact that players can create their own stages! This allows for endless frights and fun.

Familiar faces make an appearance, such as everyone’s favourite monster, Huggy Wuggy. Play alongside up to 9 other players as you try to escape the creatures whilst completing your tasks. Don’t be too trusting when you’re walking through the shadows though…

Come face to face with Huggy Wuggy by visiting Roblox page! Before you venture into the Superstore, take a look at our Poppy Playtime Secret Room guide to help you find the easter egg.

Poppy Playtime Forever Bosses

As of right now, there is only 1 major boss with the addition of the notable antagonist, AI. With Poppy Playtime Forever being brand-new, I assume new chapters will be released in the future, along with additional bosses and enemies.

Make sure to bookmark this page, as it receives frequent updates when new bosses/enemies are added to the game!

Huggy Wuggy

It wouldn’t be a Poppy Playtime game without Huggy Wuggy making an appearance. The first chapter of Poppy Playtime Forever focuses entirely on this terrifyingly tall monster.

Huggy Wuggy wanders around the map as you try to solve puzzles and escape. If he sees you, he starts to chase you around. This doesn’t mean game over, as you can escape him if you’re careful about it.

How to Counter Huggy Wuggy

The only way to counter Huggy Wuggy is to avoid him at all costs. It’s more than likely that you’ll be evading him now and again as you explore the map, but luckily, you’re faster!

Your character’s average speed can outrun Huggy Wuggy… just about. You need to be smart with how you turn corners to get away from him, before hiding in a spot where he can’t find you.

If you don’t want him to spot you, it’s best to sneak around and hide behind objects as often as possible – especially when you see him or hear the ominous music that plays when he’s close by. If you play with other people, you can ask one of them to distract Huggy Wuggy to help you get away!


AI is one of the major enemies in the Poppy Playtime franchise, and is the sole reason you’re trapped in the Superstore. In Poppy Playtime Forever, AI locks you inside the building as if it’s a game to them.

They’re not exactly a ‘boss’ per se, but they certainly play a crucial role. They’re overlooking the entire store digitally, meaning they can strike at any time.

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