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By admin Mar1,2024

In need of a Voxlblade Race Tier List to know the best from the worst? my tier list does just that, plus, the best race may shock you. This tier list updates regularly as the game evolves and updates so please be sure to bookmark and check back often.

Voxlblade is a blocky action RPG filled with quests, loot, you name it! The game takes the classic and beloved formula of exploration and puts it right on Roblox. Enjoy the game solo, or with friends! Voxlblade challenges you to evolve through the art of weaponry exploration. Can you do it?

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Voxlblade Race Tier List

This is the part where I disclaim that tier lists are intended to be subjective! So be prepared to see a few races in my rankings that you wouldn’t agree with the placement of. I crafted this tier list with love, a sprinkle of hate, research, and personal bias.


Busted. Goated. OP! These races offer a plethora of benefits and are versatile, making them my favourites, and ideal for the masses.


Good, great, just not the best. These races are good enough and you might find satisfaction in being a part of these ranks for the entirety of your game.


Mid-tier with average benefits. These races aren’t great, but they’re equally not so bad.


I wouldn’t recommend these races, though they do have some niche uses.



Which Race Is The Best?

Well, according to my tier, it is a tie between the Elves and the Aborians. Elf races receive a 40% Rune Cooldown Reduction which is busted! Being able to re-use Runes much faster gives such a huge benefit during gameplay. As for Aborians, this race is capable of healing during daytime, and unleashing stuns during combat which is unique considering Voxlblade has no natural healing otherwise. The only con to Aborians is being very fire-prone, but all risks are worth the reward, right?

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