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By admin Mar1,2024

The Project XL Shenron wishing feature should be your main goal when new to the game! But what should you wish for? Find out about our top picks in this guide.

Project XL is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from multiple anime franchises! As you explore the map, you’ll come across familiar faces from your favourite series. Become stronger by putting your skills to the test and experiencing your own training arc. Bring your top-notch weapons to the battlefield and wield powerful abilities against a variety of enemies!

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Project XL Shenron

It’s time to summon Shenron! He grants any wish of your choosing. While this guide features a list of all the wishes he offers, I’ve also included a section that goes over the best wishes to opt for.

All Wishes

  • I want to be reborn
    • Obtain a Super Rare race at random
  • I wish I had more potential
  • I want to power up
    • 2x EXP for a total of 6 hours
  • I want to master powers
    • Legendary Mentor (randomly assigned)
  • I want to have better clothes
    • Legendary armor (you need to be level 1,000 to be able to equip this!)
  • I want to be the strongest
    • Requiem Arrow (you need to be at least level 1,000 to use this item)
  • I want to be richer
  • I want you to make me stronger
  • I want the strongest skill
    • Legendary Specialization (except for the Uchiha Eyes spec)

Best Wishes to Ask Shenron

This is where I suggest the best wishes to ask for! The ‘I want to power up’ wish is a little lacklustre for the amount of effort you have to put in to summon Shenron in the first place, so that’s definitely a skip.

I recommend going with any of the wishes that grant you a free Legendary item. Such as the ‘I want to have better clothes’, ‘I want the strongest skill’, and ‘I want to master powers’ wishes! I also think the ‘I want to be reborn’ wish is pretty good if you want one of the rare races, which are usually difficult to obtain.

How to Unlock Shenron

The process of unlocking Shenron in Project XL is fairly similar to how it works in the anime series! You need 7 Dragon Balls in total to be able to summon the legendary Shenron. Each Dragon Ball has a 2% – 8% chance to drop when defeating bosses. In the anime, you also need all 7 Dragon Balls to summon him!

Here’s an important thing to remember: don’t use a Dragon Ball more than twice. I suggest holding off on using any of the 7 Dragon Balls before you’re able to summon Shenron, just to be safe. If you want to keep track of how many you’ve got in your inventory, head to the Stats tab in-game.

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