The Expansion of the Sword of Convallaria Is The Latest Update For The Fantasy RPG

By admin Feb28,2024

XD Entertainment has just dropped their second major update for Sword of Convallaria, their upcoming action RPG.  Called ‘The Expansion of the Sword of Convallaria,’ this update has made major additions to the game. XD Entertainment has made a bunch of action games before, including Sausage Man, Torchlight: Infinite, T3 Arena and Flash Party.

What’s Sword of Convallaria?

Well, we’ll talk about The Expansion of the Sword of Convallaria, but first, let me give you a quick lowdown on the game. The game boasts of reviving the much-loved style of Japanese turn-based games and pixel art. It’s a fantasy tactical RPG where you gather and train a varied group of mercenaries and protect the kingdom of Iria.

The Expansion of the Sword of Convallaria has added The Tower of Adversity. It lets you lead two squads through some really tough levels. If you win, you get unique items and cool titles as a reward. The update also added Fireside Chats where the choices you make in conversations decide how hard the game is and what the story is like.

Next up is a new feature called the Trade Mechanic. It lets you play as a merchant, run trading posts, and make deals that will change the way the story turns out. You’ll also be able to join a guild and take part in group missions called Treasure Hunting. It lets guilds work together so they can grab up to seven chests full of goodies each week.

So, that wraps up our scoop on The Expansion of the Sword of Convallaria, the game’s second update. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out their official website. Also, head to the Google Play Store to pre-register for it. It’s expected to release on August 7, 2024, and will be free to play.

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