Swordburst 3 Hagan – How To Beat The Game’s First Boss

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Finding the first boss in Swordburst 3 unBEARable? Or can BEAR to hunt around the woods for the monster? Well BEAR with us.. okay okay I’ll stop. Here’s our Swordburst 3 Hagan boss guide, with what you need to know about the boss, why you’d want to fight him, and the best way to do it.

Swordburst 3 is a Roblox game that tosses you into a wide-open RPG world. It comes complete with an impressive combat system that lets you wield a bunch of different weapons, swing on enemies in real time, and dodgy their attacks with your impeccable sense of timing… you’ve got one of those, right?

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Swordburst 3 Hagan Guide

Right, on with the actual guidance.

Why Should You Fight Hagan?

Hagan is the first boss you’re likely to fight in a playthrough. He’s found on Floor One in the first area, and you’ll need to defeat him to pass the Blasting Rocks quest from Miner Sakura, which opens up the gemstone caves and lets you head toward the tower.

It’s also a good way to get your hands on some rare drops, including epic equipment such as the Level 12 Greatsword Root Reaper, the Level 11 Longsword Rosebite, and the Level 10 Bear Armor.

How To Find Hagan

Hagan isn’t too hard to find, but you need to go a little off the beaten path to track him down.

  • You’ll find Huntess Lyra on the edge of the forest.
  • From there, follow the road along until it turns a corner and goes up a hill. You should see a crossroads, take the left-hand turn. You’ll know it’s the right route because it’s covered in bones. Unsettling.
  • Follow the bone path until you find a large gate into an arena. You might see a countdown, this is a count to when the boss spawns.
  • Don’t head through the gates until you’re ready, as they’ll shut during the fight. It’s either you or him after that!

How To Beat Hagan

It’s an RPG, so obviously the higher your levels and stats, the easier this boss is going to be. However, even at the recommended level of 10 there are a few tricks to staying alive.

  • Regeneration Burst is your friend. Hotbar this and don’t be afraid to activate it and then get out of dodge. You can use dash to stay away from Hagan’s attacks while Regen patches you up.
  • His paw attacks leave his back vulnerable for a few seconds, a great chance to get the swings in.
  • If Hagan throws back his head and roars that’s your queue to back off, as he’s about to set off a big AoE attack.

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