HYBE IM Drops ASTRA Teaser, Pre-registrations Start On March 5!

By admin Feb28,2024
featured image for our news on The ASTRA teaser. It features goddess Veda with purple hair and a purple dress.

HYBE IM just dropped a teaser for ASTRA: Knights of Veda, and it looks like a game to watch out for. If you’re into the K-pop band Bangtan Boys (BTS), then I’m pretty sure you know about Big Hit Entertainment, now known as HYBE.

If you haven’t heard of them, then HYBE is the company that represents them. The company has grown a lot since the K-pop band became massively popular. Now, they’ve all these other companies under them, working on music, concerts, games, stories, products and Weverse.

Enough about HYBE, now let’s talk about their game instead! The ASTRA teaser mentions that pre-registrations will kick off on March 5th. The 2D MORPG has been developed by FLINT, the folks who made the hit game Dragon Blaze. The game had a pretty good run in its global beta test in October 2023.

The ASTRA teaser gives you a peek at the game. It’s set in a medieval world called Planis that’s in big trouble because of the bad king Magnus. A dark tree pops up and things get even worse, leading to death and darkness. Now, goddess Veda steps in to help out and help you fight off zombies and weird creatures. Maybe you should see all of it yourself. Take a peek at the ASTRA teaser below!

ASTRA: Knights Of Veda Looks Fun!

The game lets you fight solo or with a team of up to four knights. You can also test your fighting skills against others in real-time player vs. player battles. HYBE IM will drop the game for both PC and mobile soon. If you want to know more about the game, head to their official website.

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