Disney’s Newest Animated Series Is Finally on Disney+!

By admin Feb28,2024

EEK! The day is finally here — a new show is on Disney+!


We know a ton is coming to the streaming service soon, and that includes this new series we’ve been excited about for a while. Iwájú is officially on Disney+!

Iwájú is a new coming-of-age series that follows a girl who is a young heiress from a wealthy island, and a poor boy from the mainland as they face a terrible threat to their lives. Wow, that sounds serious — check out the trailer below!

What’s extra special about this series is that Disney teamed up with a Pan-African entertainment company called Kugali to ensure the show has an authentic focus on African stories by African artists.


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Disney+ recently changed their subscriber agreement — make sure you’re up-to-date on the changes!



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