Project XL Arrow Tier List – Which Is The Most Accurate?

By admin Feb27,2024
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In Project XL, Arrows are items you can use to grant yourself new Abilities, largely at random. Our Project XL Arrow Tier List breaks each Arrow type down, so you’ll know which are most likely to land a bullseye.

Project XL is an Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Mixing elements from various anime series’, including Naruto and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the game offers no shortage of variety in terms of building your character. One crucial aspect is the Abilities they have, which can be easily altered using Arrow items. Read on for our ranking of all of them.

Project XL is free to play via Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Project XL Specialization Tier List as well.

Project XL Arrow Tier List

The following is our tier list ranking of the different Arrow items in Project XL. We’ve ranked them largely based on their potential for granting high-level Abilities.

S Tier

  • Requiem Arrow – Unique among Arrows, the Requiem Arrow guarantees you a Legendary Ability, in exchange for reducing your level from 1,000 down to 1. Naturally, you need to be level 1,000 to use these in the first place.

A Tier

  • Special Arrow – Special Arrows are dropped from Bosses and, unlike other Arrows, don’t grant Abilities at random. Instead, they grant you an Ability based on the Boss you got them from, some of which are very powerful indeed.

B Tier

  • Lucky Arrow – Grants a guaranteed Rare Ability in one of your empty slots. Naturally, this makes it better than standard Arrows, but also much rarer.

C Tier

  • Rare Arrow – Has a good chance of granting a Rare Ability, but unlike the Lucky Arrow this isn’t guaranteed.

D Tier

  • Arrow – The most basic kind of Arrow, and the one you’ll see the most. It grants you any random Ability, which can potentially be huge. For the most part, you’ll get lower-level Abilities using these, though.

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