Poppy Playtime Forever Characters Guide

By admin Feb27,2024

It’s coming, the newest Poppy Playtime title.. but this time it’s coming to us via Roblox. Of course speculation is rampant. What iconic monsters can we look forward to? Our Poppy Playtime Forever characters guide goes over what we know.. and what we can expect.

Poppy Playtime Forever is a Roblox game that doesn’t just take the ideas from Poppy Playtime, it’s s game made in collaboration with the official developers! Not only does it bring the frights of exploring the doomed factory, but lets you get your hands on a level builder. Create your own stages and share them with the world to terrify players everywhere.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Take a look at Poppy Playtime Forever on Roblox. Want some more guides for Roblox’s hottest titles? Try out Sol’s RNG Blossom guide.

Poppy Playtime Forever Characters Guide

What familiar faces will we see in the game? Well, we can confirm a few from the trailer, but beyond that, it’s down to speculation. We’ve split this up into confirmed ones, and our predictions for characters we’ll see.

Confirmed Characters From The Franchise

These are characters confirmed so far in the trailer.


He’s big, he’s blue, he’s furry and his teeth are unsettlingly sharp. The towering Huggy Wuggy is the posterchild.. or postermonster of the series, so it’s no shock we get a shot of him in-game looming over the player. I’d say I’m delighted but.. I’m mostly just very threatened.

Mommy Long Legs

The pink, noodle-armed abomination hasn’t popped up in live gameplay yet, but we do see her in the trailer. The level builder section sees a user placing Mommy Long Legs. Not once, but twice. Oh dear, that’s worrying.

Predicted Characters

Now we’re in the area of speculation. Who else is going to appear in the game? This is our best try at predicting who we’ll see.


There’s no sign of the frightful feline in the trailer yet, but come on. If we don’t see Chapter 3’s iconic villain pop up in the Roblox incarnation we’re going to be very surprised.

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